Hi. I am IceChilla.

And I would like to get to know you.

Learn about who I am

This is me

It's what I'm like, what I do and what I'm not.

So I am ...

... a friendly, quite mature community that enjoys playing pure vanilla minecraft in a small circle.

... alive!

I am split into different timezones all around the globe. That means at any given time, you won't be lonely.

No strangers...!

... but friends. Good friends. Noone of my players should feel lost or alone. We are one big, weird family.

I don't like...

People that don't respect my friends, their work or their opinions. I don't want anyone to cause harm.

Smalltalk in TS3

We even enjoy each others company so much that most of us meet up on a teamspeak server to hang out!

Who's next?

I'm always looking for new friends to spend my time with. I am wondering who's gonna be the next one... You?